A Guide to Table Top Care

So, you’ve just refurbished and invested in new custom furniture. After all your hard work, maintaining your table tops should be your number one priority.

Below are some of our top tips for keeping your table tops in the best condition…


Keep the cleaning products away

We know they’ve got snazzy bottles that say they can clean anything, but our custom table tops aren’t fans. We strongly recommend that any products that include abrasive, ammonia, bleach, spirit or any aggressive constituent are not used on our products. This also includes D10 sanitizers.

The use of these products attacks the lacquer finishes because of their aggressive constituents. Over time this means that the finish on the top will deteriorate, which will result in things like water marks, heat marks and scratches showing up. The top can also start to take on a cloudy finish.


Solid, Veneered, Vinyl, Linoleum and Bulgomme Tops

So, if you can’t use cleaning products on your table tops, what can you use? We’d always recommend using a warm, damp and slightly soapy cloth to wipe over.

To be extra careful and ensure your tops maintain the best appearance for the longest time you should use mats under very hot or abrasive items.


Outdoor Iroko Tops

With these being tops made for outdoor use, we recommend that all outdoor products are oiled around every six months or so. This helps preserve the original colour, failure to do so can result in the product developing a dull finish and nobody wants that.

If there is a spillage on any product that has an oiled finish, it should be treated immediately. This is because they have less protection than their lacquered counterparts. If left untreated, a spillage could result in a permanent stain.



When the temperatures drop during the winter months, all solid and veneered tops should be stored in temperatures between 10-25 degrees with all faces equally exposed to the air.

Any questions? Feel free to contact a member of the team here at Carlick Contract Furniture.



Please note that Carlick Contract Furniture’s warranty does not cover damage caused to products where the above product care has not been followed.