Fabric Care Guide

In 2020, our goal is to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help you maintain your Carlick Contract Furniture products and keep them in the best condition possible. Over the coming months, we’ll be telling you all about our little tips and tricks we use to keep our custom furniture products in top condition.

We’re starting off in the world of fabrics. They’re involved in near enough every project we work on so it’s only right to start there.

This isn’t going to be the longest guide in the world because it’s really quite simple when it comes to fabric. Read on below to find out more…


For best results…

For the best results, upholstery should be frequently cleaned. We suggest starting with regular vacuuming to remove dust and fluff. If the stain is fresh it can usually be removed with a sponge or absorbent cloth. In order to avoid a ring forming around the stain, use a clean sponge or cloth. Start on the outside of the stain and work inwards towards the middle.

If you’ve got a stain that’s proving a little more difficult, these may be removed using stain remover but remember, this should be tested on a small unobtrusive area before using it on the stain in order to avoid potentially making it worse.

And it’s really as simple as that, there’s not much else to it. Regular maintenance will keep your fabrics in the best condition possible.

If you have any questions at all regarding fabric care, give the office a call on 0161 727 3090 and one of our brilliant staff members will be able to help you!

*The above care instructions are recommendations only. Before using any cleaning agent, it is advisable to first test in an unobtrusive area. In the case of stubborn stains please consult a professional cleaning service.


Please note that Carlick Contract Furniture’s warranty does not cover damage caused to products where the above product care has not been followed.